Tucker Lane have got a new single out called “Stevie Nicks Freedom”!  The release date was Friday, February 11th!  It’s a rip-roaring tune and they’re excited for you to hear it!  They are currently working on a video for “Stevie Nicks Freedom” with KSick Productions and they will be sharing that as soon as they’re done.

Tucker Lane also have a show coming up on Saturday, March 26th at Amigos Cantina in Saskatoon!  You can get your advanced tickets here or take your chances and get your tickets at the door.  They can’t wait to see you all there!  It’s going to be an amazing night! Don’t forget to sign up for their monthly newsletter on their website, which you can get to by clicking on their artist page.  They’ll treat you special with advance notice on everything TL!


Universal Honey are working away in their Honeytunes studio on their new album!  They’ve written many songs, however, only 12 will make the cut.  They’re excited to have Warren Medernach on drums and Dan Marfisi who will be playing some guitar, keyboards and doing some production.  The album is upbeat and rockin’!  They’re really looking forward to everyone hearing it!

Also in UH news, they debuted on the IMC Countdown at #38 and climbed up to #33 the following week with their song “Just Like U”!  If you want to help move it up the chart head to and tap on #33 to vote for “Just Like U”.  You need to register for an account, it’s simple.  They really appreciate the support!

If you want to check out their video for “Just Like U” click on Universal Honey on the artist page which will take you to their website and then you can go to their videos page.. It’s a really cool video!


Canadian Rock stalwarts Leslie Stanwyck and Johnny Sinclair (The Pursuit of Happiness) are taking the next step of re-establishing the digital legacy of their band Universal Honey by reissuing their guitar-driven seventh album, Vicious Circles, on iTunes and Amazon Music, as well as global music streaming platforms.

With the initial issuance of Vicious Circles in 2004, Universal Honey had realized the marked distinction of recording four albums, in four years, with 55 songs loaded onto those releases, including tunes charting on radio and regularly heard on TV and film soundtracks. In a musical landscape that had already converted to one-release-every-other-year cadence, the volume and quality of this catalog were, and remain, formidable.

Stanwyck (vocals, guitars, keyboards, melodies, programming, arrangements production) and Sinclair (bass, lyrics, drum programming, arrangements, production) make sure quality always takes precedence over quantity. The couple’s musical direction on Vicious Circles was driven by the sudden changes on the Toronto music scene swirling around them in the early-2000s.

Sinclair: It’s funny because when we were coming with names, I wanted us to call the band Vicious Circles. That term, “Vicious Circles,” had stuck in my craw, and here was our return to form, back to guitar rock.

Universal Honey wrote these tracks in their living room and returned to the guitar-driven sound that permeated the arena-ready rock of their second release, Earth Moon Transit.

Stanwyck: Overall, Vicious Circles was a return to the spirit of just rocking out in the manner of Earth Moon Transit.

   The lead-off track, “Unlucky” starts off with a bang, with Sinclair’s big bass driving it and melodies so colorful that it would later prompt a friend of the band to ask why it wasn’t released as a single.

    “Afraid of My Heart” ended up being the lead single, which received regional airplay and also benefited from a compelling video treatment from Stanwyck and Sinclair. 

   The rocker “Beautiful Baby” starts from a slow acoustic/melodic build on the first verse to a power-pop chorus with a soaring vocal from Stanwyck, and a reference to “hope we get it right.”

   A grouping of tracks, including “Dirty Life” and “Knock Them All Down” had some Americana rock leanings in them, with the former placed on the Degrassi: The Next Generation TV show produced by Epitome Pictures and CTV.

Stanwyck: “Dirty Life” and “Knock Them All Down” were so much fun for me musically, just a straight-ahead rockin’ tunes.

    Sifting through the Vicious Circles tracks, Sinclair also expresses affinity for the breezy pop of “Was It My Imagination,” calling it “One of my favorite pop songs ever, as a band.” For the distinctive guitar tones on “Love and Affection,” Stanwyck recalls switching between her Gibson SG and Fender Telecaster to bring added sonic variety to the track.

     Veteran drummer Darrin Pfeiffer, who played with L.A ska-punk band Goldfinger, added some punch to the rhythm section on Vicious Circles, building on the drum loops Sinclair programmed in the Universal Honey demos.

  Sinclair: He took a day to learn the songs, and then we went in and did it in one day, with no overdubs, with maybe one alternate take.

The prolific Stanwyck and Sinclair song writing team continue working on new Universal Honey tracks in their home studio.  

Vicious Circles Track Listing

1 Unlucky

2 Second Time Around

3 Wasn’t It You

4. Talk to Me

5. Love and Affection

6. Beautiful Baby

7. Dirty Life

8. Knock Them All Down

9. Carry On

10. Circle

11. Was It My Imagination

12. Take the Long Way

13. It Rains

14. Afraid of My Heart

Produced by Universal Honey